The worlds torn apart as General Deamon chases wild fantasy of nothingness. Leaving nothing but desolate wastelands and pillaged villages. Few have ever been able to escape his wrath or his goddesses will. Fortunately now a portal to a distant world has opened. Few have crossed and many have tried. Only a select few will ever be able to live and prosper on these new worlds. Leaving behind the once beautiful home of Hirxyr.

Many wait in the world of Verize. A place to regain your balance. To feel the newest life force being drawn into you, as you wait for a visit from Vellouren and his court. Will your good deeds of the land get you that golden dream. To a distant world. A World of peace.

Miawind! Not just a simple rumor. A childs story. No, A real piece of haven. Where who know what goods may be blessed or deeds will be shared. Stories of hope and laughter are built. Please Join Us Be apart of our world. Expand your imagination as we travel together.